Marketing Strategies

If marketing your business is stressing you out, let us help you.

Are you feeling confused about how to get your business in front of your ideal customer, in a cost effective way?

At Astara Creative, we not only look at the regular, mainstream marketing options, but provide you with an overall, fully integrated marketing strategy. What does that mean? It means that we make sure that every aspect of your marketing and advertising strategy complement each other, working towards the same goal.

We customise your strategy to meet the needs of your business, by researching your industry.

We will provide you with the best strategies to maximise exposure for your business, as we consider all the relevant marketing tactics.

We will maximise exposure for your business by selecting the best promotional mix of Advertising

Personal selling

Sales promotion


Direct marketing

Our Shooting Star Signature Service:

We specialise in identifying unique opportunities to differentiate your business, making you the preferred option ahead of your competitors. We look at how we can make your customer’s experience enjoyable and memorable, at each of your business touch points, so that they come back wanting more.

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