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Good branding is essential to ensure your business is appealing to your target market. Lutfiye presents the key things for small businesses to take into consideration about each of their touch points, when creating their branding. She also incorporates the best marketing strategies depending on the business type and industry. Lutfiye is an interactive presenter. Her presentations include working through some of the problems participants present about their own businesses. This enables everyone to think like a marketer and to apply concepts in real time.

Purpose: Women walk away realising just how much they can do to make their brands more engaging and boost their presence among their own target market.


Lutfiye has been featured in various online and business platforms include Femeconomy, discussing her journey from the sciences to entrepreneurship, while raising a family. Lutfiye openly shares her journey, allowing other women to understand that it’s never too late.

Lutfiye also discusses the very really epidemic of Imposter Syndrome among women, providing examples of obstacles she has had to overcome and the different methods and resources available for women.

Purpose: Women are motivated to seek their dreams. They realise that it is never too late to create and live the life they want and deserve.

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