Brand Consulting

Branding is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  It requires constant maintenance.

We can work with you at whatever stage of the branding process you may be at.

Let us start by clarifying- This is not about Graphic Design.

This is about creating your Brand Identity.

Branding is about creating an emotion in your target market. We help you design your brand to create loyalty where your target market is repeatedly drawn to you.

At Astara Creative we work with you to create the best possible brand identity that will appeal and attract your target market. Together we will look at your:

Visual Brand Identity

Brand Values

Brand Personality

Brand Voice

We will build you a clear and thorough Branding Brief that you can then hand over to your graphic designer and/or web developer (and anyone else who will create content that will represent your business for that matter). This brief is pivotal in capturing the personality of your brand and to maintain consistency across all of your media, logos, copywriting, packaging, posters, look books etc. Your brief is designed to save you time, money, misunderstandings and frustration when dealing with designers and copywriters, who may not necessarily have a background in marketing.

Your Branding Brief is also a great resource for you to use as a reference for yourself. You will use your brief to conduct your own brand audits at regular intervals. The brief will help keep your brand on track when making decisions regarding your Product, Pricing, Packaging, Physical placement of products/services, the People representing your brand, Promotions and Processes. We will ensure your brand look, sound and appeal remains consistent at each of your touch points, so that the same emotion is maintained. It will help clarify within your own mind about WHO your brand is, WHAT your brand is about and WHY it does what it does.

If you have a brand but you are unsure about whether it’s on point for your market, that’s OK. We can conduct a brand audit for you and give you feedback on your current branding.

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